Bluebell scores at Hawk-Eye

Bluebell Opticom supplies Hawkeye with bespoke solutions for signal transport over fibre.

July 11, 2019 Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK. Bluebell, the market leader in fibre conversion has supplied bespoke solutions to Hawk-Eye for game-changing Video Assisted Refereeing (VAR) applications for soccer matches.

With the increased uptake in VAR, Hawk-Eye required a robust solution for providing power, transporting video, audio, HDMI and data to pitch-side viewing points where referees can review incidents which occur in the game.

Hawk-Eye had previously used individual products from several suppliers to provide this service which lead reliability concerns. Andy Calvert, Projects Director at Hawk-Eye turned to Bluebell to provide a solution based on the Silhouette product range to overcome his concerns.

“We’d identified the need to move to a refined solution that got us away from using individual products with their associated mass of power supplies and patching cables. Choosing Bluebell products housed in an enclosure meant that we now have a bespoke product that gives us the precise input/output interfaces we need, in a compact and robust solution mounted in a waterproof PeliTM case.” Said Calvert.

Paul McCann, Managing Director at Bluebell said “Our tailored approach in designing solutions is unique in the market and means our customers have a custom product based on their individual requirements. We designed the Hawk-Eye system using our range of fibre interfacing cards housed in a Silhouette enclosure using industry-standard connectors which are presented on a custom interface plate. The end product in the PeliTM case facilitates reduced installation time, faster deployment and greater efficiency.”