We were involved in an interesting project to facilitate remote production for over twenty football stadiums. The brief was to allow control of a mix of up to eight cameras, some of which were manned and other being PTZ, over multiple telecom networks and central control and production area took the regional stadium feeds and simultaneously edited them for live transmission.

We designed a small lightweight portable camera-back unit in the Silhouette range with a V-Mount front and back to sandwich in between the camera body and the battery. This unit converted 3G-SDI and two channels of Ethernet to fibre. The 3G-SDI was the video signal from the camera and one Ethernet provided camera control, whilst the other Ethernet was connected to a belt-pack for a talkback system. This facilitated the production team to rack each camera and gave them the ability to talk to the cameraman.

We have also produced systems with similar capabilities in bespoke 3D printed enclosures that mimic the profile of robotic camera head. They have the same mounting plates as the camera, so we were able to mount them between the wall and the camera, giving a completely seamless look.

In each solution above, the camera-end converters use Neutirk OpticalCON connectors on the products and Mil-Tac ruggedized cable connecting them to the stadium network through a wall port. In the equipment room of the stadium the optical signals were then remapped onto Telecom networks and transported to the central control and production area which could be up to 150km away.






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