As a general rule, government buildings are very old and mostly listed or protected, so there is a limit to what you can actually do with them inside and out in terms of broadcast infrastructure deployment.

Televising government operations has become the norm over the last twenty years and the public expect to see how their elected representatives are behaving.

Transporting multiple feeds of video, audio and data over copper cables is an awkward bulky way of doing things. With fibre, up to eighteen wavelengths are available per core and a 24-Core cable is the same diameter as one standard coaxial cable so the signal density is significantly increased. Combine that with Time Division Multplexing (TDM) and suddenly you can move hundreds of video, audio and Ethernet channels over longer distances with no degradation in quality.

Over the years we have provided exactly this for many parliaments and government assemblies throughout UK and Europe. With thin resilient fibre hidden in the walls carrying high quality 4K, UHD, 12G-SDI signals along with control data, the rules on leaving historic buildings intact can be obeyed.

With higher bit rates and increased bandwidth requirements, many multi-camera government chamber projects are using Bluebell fibre network products as it is the only solution that makes technical and economic sense.

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