• Power insertion and transfer of up to 300m
  • SMPTE 304M hybrid connection
  • Robust and ruggedised aluminium enclosure



SMPTE Hybrid Alternative Connector Kit for Power Insertion


SMPTE Hybrid Alternative Connector Kit for Power Insertion The ShaxX System from Bluebell has been designed to provide power insertion to broadcast cameras fitted with Standard SMPTE 304M hybrid connectors, thus allowing them to be remotely powered over the hybrid cable. The ShaxX allows the camera to be powered from a mains supply remotely located compared to the camera. Power can be inserted and transferred to the remote camera which can be up to 300m away. When combined with the Shax-CCU, cameras can be remotely deployed using the ordinary singlemode optical fibre network that may exist within a stadium. This system allows the user to replace the fibre/copper hybrid cable between the camera and the CCU with standard fibre cable and relay all the communications and signals. This frees the camera from being tethered to a local mains supply. The ShaxX/Shax system is perfect for Stadiums, Arenas and Concert Halls that have preinstalled fibre networks. The ShaxX is enclosed in a robust and ruggedised aluminium enclosure, ideally suited to Outside Broadcast and Fly Away applications. The ShaxX can also be combined with the BC Series Multi-format Interfaces to carry signals from multiple cameras over a single cable. This can help reduce and simplify rigging and installation time. Contact the Sales Office for additional information on the available options. Front panel LEDs give instant operational feedback of the link status between each camera and CCU.

Schematic Diagram



Optical I/O Camera side
Connector 1 x Lemo PHW 3K.93C Free Socket
Wavelength Independant
Optical I/O
Connector* 2 x female SC, LC, FC
See Ordering Information
Wavelength Independant
Optical Loss < 1 dB per end
Mains Input
IEC Mains Inlet Selectable IP rating 115 or 230 V ac.
EMI/RFI Complies with 89/336/EEC
Electrical Complies with EN 61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2
RoHS Complies with Directive 2002/95/EC
IP Rating IP50
General specifications
Dimensions 320 x 200 x 170mm with handles
  320 x 135 x 170mm without handles
Operating Temp: -20 to +60 0C
CCU Supply Voltage 36 V dc and 240 V ac
Weight 7.5 kg
Warranty 5 years

Ordering Information

ShaxX-XX SMPTE Hybrid Alternative Connection Kit – Used in conjunction with Shax-CCU allows hybrid fibre enabled cameras to be connected to the CCU over standard fibre networks.
Power is inserted into the hybrid cable.
Key /XX Replace -XX with -ST for ST/PC connector(s)
Replace -XX with -FC for FC/PC connector(s)
Replace -XX with -SC for SC/PC connector(s).
N.B. ST is the standard preferred stock item. For alternatives contact the Sales Office.
Note: Units are provided in Multi Camera format as the standard factory option. An individual front panel switch for each channel allows user adjustment for Sony, Hitachi and Ikegami cameras. All Shax and ShaxX units are currently compatible with the following:
Sony HDC-900/950/1000/1500/1700/2500
Contact the Sales Office for HDC-4300 and F55 camera compatibility
Hitachi CU-HD1200 camera compatibility
Ikegami HDK-97GX


Contact the Sales Office for alternate camera types or manufacturers.

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