• Single optical input conversion to two optical output and single serial digital output
  • Excellent jitter free optical transport
  • Occupies a single slot in any of the BC Series 19″ rack-mounting frames



BC Series Modular Fibre Optic Interface System Multi-format Interface


BC Series Modular Fibre Optic Interface System – Multi-format Interface The BC363 is a compact rack-based multi-format converter for use with a wide range of broadcast video and audio signals. The BC363 provides a base unit that comprises an input and output SFP cage. By using different SFP converter modules the functionality of the unit can be adapted to suit different applications. The signal input and output formats are defined by the selection of appropriate standard SFPs. This can be both in the form of an optical and/or electrical format conversion. A wide range of functionality can be achieved and allows the BC363 to act as a toolkit for Systems Engineers as well as a high quality stand alone converter for a fixed installation. Multi format SFPs include conversion to and from composite, HDMI, DVI, optical and HD-SDI. Units can also be used for regenerating optical signals from multimode to singlemode or re-mapping wavelengths within existing fibre systems. See separate SFP documentation for the options available. The BC363 occupies a single slot in the BC100i 3RU 19″ rack-mounting frame which can hold up to 15 single slot cards. The compact BC160i 1RU is available for up to six cards. Signal and card monitoring is achieved through SNMP monitoring in the BM102i network card, or through the BM102i network monitoring webpages. For stand-alone applications the BC363 can be housed in an individual rugged enclosure.

Schematic Diagram


Electrical Output
Standards SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M,
Connector 75 Ohm BNC per IEC 60169-8 Amendment 2
Return Loss > 15 dB @ 1.485 Gb/s
Electrical Output
Connector 1 x 75 Ohm BNC per
IEC 60169-8 Amendment 2
Return Loss > 15 dB @ 1.485 Gb/s
Signal Level 800 mV +/- 10%
DC Offset 0 +/- 0.5 V
Jitter <0.15 UI line equalised
Format Reclocked
(With bypass selectable via jumper link)
General card specifications
Depth: 60 mm
Width: 20 mm 4TE
Height: 129 mm (3RU)
Weight: 100 g
Operating Temp: -30 to +70 ºC
Power: 2.4 W (typical)
Signal detect: LED on for loss of signal
No of slots: 1
EMI/RFI: Complies with 89/336/EEC
Electrical: Complies with EN 61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2
Laser Safety Complies with Class 1 laser product
24 CFR 1040.10 & 1040.11
RoHS: Complies with Directive 2002/95/EC
Warranty: 5 years on BC363 base unit
Unit functionality is defined by the SFP modules fitted.See chart below for currently available combinations.

Ordering Information

BC363 Multi-format Single Channel Interface.
Base unit only – No SFP fitted. Requires an input and output MSA/non-MSA SFP from recommended list.
Factory default reclocking on, please specify at time of order if non reclocking required.
NB : If a dual channel SFP is used in the input position only one channel is active.

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