We were approached by a major international Telco company who specialise in transporting television content. They had a client, a well-known advertising agency, who wanted to connect their in-house studio to a public network.  They had access to third party dark fibre within a metropolitan network which allowed Bluebell to supply point-to-point conversion equipment between the advertising agency and the Telco, transporting multiple 3G-SDI signals in each direction. This was a simple cost effective project where real-time uncompressed video was presented at the Bluebell Point of Presence at the clients building and moved seamlessly over 20km of fibre to a Telco’s playout facility. 

The same technology can be used to upgrade to 4K/12G-SDI/HDR when required. Our equipment is auto-sensing so it recognises the incoming signal format and reclocks and transports it over fibre.

The result is a very low latency, jitter free, perfectly timed signal that produces beautiful pictures.

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