The ShaxX product line is synonymous with sports television production and it is now in its thirteenth year of being manufactured. These products are used in just about every part of the world to do two things well.

  1. Provide long distance fibre connections between Professional Broadcast Cameras and their relevant CCU/RCP Base Stations
  2. To provide a stable, reliable power source for Professional Broadcast Cameras in locations where a power source is not available.

Picture the scene, a topflight international golf course hosting some of the world’s best players all chasing big prize money. The OB trucks are permitted only as far as the carpark. Multicore fibre cable has been already buried in the ground along the fairways between the tees and the greens, trunking back to the access point in OB compound with distances up to 3-4km.

Using the Shax-CCU on the tailboard of the OB Truck makes the CCU think it is connected to the camera over the hybrid cable. It Instead connects over two cores of the multi strand fibre buried under the fairway. Close to the camera point where the fibre is terminated, one of our ShaxX units is connected. In this unit the standard duplex fibre is converted to Hybrid cable and power is inserted so the cameraman has only one familiar SMPTE hybrid connection. This, as per usual carries video, audio, data, comms with all the services and most importantly the power for the camera.

We have a 300VA system for normal operation, and if you want to use a big lens we can offer a 600VA version to handle the extra power required to pull all that glass.

Fielding these systems decreased the cost of deployment and increases reliability and image quality over extended distances. We have deployed many systems of this nature for a number of years at major golfing tournaments over the world.

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