BC160 Modular 1RU Rack Mounting System The BC160 is a…


BC160 Modular 1RU Rack Mounting System The BC160 is a 19″ 1RU chassis for Bluebell BC Series cards. Any of the standard cards can be fitted and mixed within each frame. The BC160 can hold up to 6 single slot cards. Redundant power supplies are supplied as standard. Some BC Series processing cards have dual functionality allowing up to 12 channels of video to be transmitted or received from a single 1RU frame, while retaining loop through inputs and dual outputs per channel. Signal and card monitoring is achieved through SNMP monitoring in the BM101 network card. Alternatively GP-Output alarms can be triggered via the BM100 module.The BC160P is the same physical footprint but without any signal monitoring or power supplies, it is specifically intended to house passive optical modules including splitters, WDM and CWDM devices.
Key Features
Compact Design
High Packing Density
Low Power Consumption
Dual Power Supplies
Alarms via GPI or SNMP
Use BC160P with active frames for ultra compact optical multiplexing and distribution

Schematic Diagram



General frame specifications
Depth: 150 mm (excluding connectors)
Width: 445 mm
Height: 44.5 mm (1RU)
Weight: 4.5 kg when fully loaded
Operating Temp: -30 to +70 ºC
Voltage Range: 90 to 260 V ac 50/60 Hz
Power: 18 W when fully loaded
Signal detect: Contact closure for psu failure
No of slots: 6
EMI/RFI: Complies with 89/336/EEC
Electrical: Complies with EN 61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2
Laser Safety Complies with Class 1 laser product
24 CFR 1040.10 & 1040.11
RoHS: Complies with Directive 2002/95/EC
Warranty: 5 years
The BM100 network card allows for external alarms to be triggered via GPO relays on a SCSI connector.
The card is fitted to the front of the BC160 frame.
Any signal or power supply failure within the frame triggers an alarm.GPO Alarms
The BM101 network card monitors the status of signals and power supplies within
the frame.
The Ethernet port allows a third party SNMP management system to receive signal and power supply failure alarms.
The card is fitted to the front of the BC160 frame.Network Monitoring

Ordering Information

Universal Chassis and Power Supplies
BC160-1RU/DPS 19″ 1RU Chassis for up to 6 BCxxx Cards with optional Network Monitoring and Supplied with Dual Redundant Power Supplies.
BM100 Alarm Monitoring Card with GPI Output on a SCSI Connector
BM102 Network Monitoring Card with Ethernet connection
BC160P 19″ 1RU Chassis for up to 6 Passive BCxxx Cards. No psu or monitoring capability.