Bluebell Opticom strengthens portfolio with a trio of new products

The launch of the BC780, BC785T and BC785R optical conversion products were directly attributed to requirements from customers who are moving to remote production in these challenging COVID times where they needed to have Ethernet Control, RS232/422/485, Tally and genlock between cameras and the OB truck.

Paul McCann, Managing Director of Bluebell commented “We are pleased to add another useful can-opener to our product range with this series.

Now that POV cameras produce images which equal to any traditional production camera, they need control, serial data and sync for Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Iris control.

I think it was Homer (not Simpson) who said power is useless without control.

Enter Bluebell’s BC785! It does exactly that - Ethernet Control, RS232/422/485 and Tally with Black/Burst or Tri-Level Sync all over one Singlemode Fibre. And if you do not need Genlock, there is the BC780.

These cards can be used on their own, in a rack frame, incorporated into our Ultra-portable Silhouette range or built into a camera-specific pedestal.

We have quite a number of these products already deployed in the US for football and in Europe they are used for weekly soccer matches.”

The combination of robotic cameras and Bluebell fibre converter solutions allow remote video production away from the event in a safe environment where social distancing, warmth, air conditioning and coffee are the norm.”

For further information please contact your local Bluebell partner or visit = a tool for opening metal containers of food



About Bluebell

Bluebell Opticom designs and manufactures high-quality infrastructure solutions for the broadcast, telecommunications, and professional AV industries. Its products are used for the critical delivery of video, audio, and data services at live world-class sporting events and venues requiring the transport of high-bandwidth signals over long distances using fibre optic or IP networks. Solutions range from robust stand-alone field deployable products to complex fixed installation for fibre backbone networks.

With worldwide deployments, Bluebell Opticom counts many of the top blue-chip companies and broadcast networks among its clients. The company serves customers directly and through a select global network of partners and distributors.

Bluebell Opticom Ltd is a UK-based, privately funded company, which has been designing and manufacturing fibre optic equipment since 1994.


Bluebell Opticom contact: Anil Parmar, Marketing & Communications

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