BC364 Multiformat SFP Interface

The BC364 is a compact, rack-based multiformat converter for use with a wide range of broadcast video and audio signals. The BC364 provides a base unit that comprises input and output SFP cages. With different SFP converter modules, users can adapt the functionality of the unit to suit different applications. Signal input and output formats are defined by selecting appropriate standard SFPs that can perform optical and/or electrical format conversions. The BC364 card offers a range of options including distribution, format conversion, monitoring, and wavelength management including CWDM. Such a wide range of functionality allows the BC364 to act as a “toolkit” for systems engineers as well as a high-quality converter for any fixed installation. Multiformat SFPs can convert to and from composite, HDMI, DVI, optical, and 3G-SDI. Units can also be used to regenerate optical signals from multimode to singlemode, repeat optical signals, or re-map wavelengths within existing fibre systems.

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