IBC 2023 Product Preview

IBC 2023 Product Preview

Bluebell Opticom Ltd

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Bluebell Opticom at IBC 2023

Looking for high-quality, reliable optical transport solutions for your broadcast needs? Look no further than Bluebell Opticom!

At IBC 2023, we're showcasing our latest products for broadcast professionals. Our optical transport systems provide ultra-low latency, high-bandwidth connectivity for live video, audio, and data signals, making them ideal for use in broadcast studios, outside broadcasts, and remote productions. 


New — BN880 ST2110/JPEG XS Gateway


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The Bluebell BC880 range of ST 2110 gateways provide multi-channel conversion between SDI and ST2110 IP. Available in 2 channel 12G-SDI and 4 channel 3G-SDI variants, each channel processes one video, four audio and one ANC data flow. Each audio flow can contain up to 16 audio channels which can be freely re-mapped. Every model is equipped with dual Ethernet IP media ports that offer comprehensive support for ST 2022-7 hitless redundancy. The uncompressed ST 2110 models have 25G ethernet ports while the JPEG XS models feature 10G Ethernet connectivity.

Designed to be used at the content acquisition end as an IP encapsulator for camera signals, or behind a monitor as a decapsulator, the BN880 Gateway series offers a flexible way to convert your video signals to and from uncompressed IP.


New – BN812 Ethernet to optical converter with PoE+

The BN812 is a multi-rate Ethernet to fibre converter equipped with PoE+ functionality that can deliver up to 30W of power over twisted pair.

Ideal for use with PTZ cameras with NDI output, offering a single-cable cable solution that simplifies installation and maintenance. The BN812 can convert copper twisted pair data with speeds of 10/100/1000BaseT to fibre optic 1000Base-X format, providing a reliable and high-performance link. The converter can be powered by a standard 12V power source, and its LED indicators provide clear indication of power, network, and optical activity.

With various SFP options available, including Multimode, Single Mode, single or dual fibre, CWDM, and long-reach up to 120km, the BN812 can be customized to meet specific requirements, providing flexibility and versatility. 


New — BN368 Multiformat converter

Compact throw-down multi-format converter for use with a wide range of broadcast video and audio signals, the BN368 provides a base unit that comprises two SFP cages. By using different SFP converter modules the functionality of the unit can be adapted to suit different applications. The BN368 offers a range of options including distribution, format conversion, monitoring and Wavelength Management including CWDM. Such a wide range of functionality allows the BN368 to act as a “toolkit” for Systems Engineers as well as a high-quality converter for any fixed installation. Multi format SFPs include conversion to and from Composite, computer generated signals, optical and SDI. Units can also be used for regenerating optical signals from multimode to singlemode or re-mapping wavelengths within existing fibre systems.


New — BN-4 4 Channel CWDM Multiplexer

The BN-4 is a passive device for the multiplexing or demultiplexing of different optical wavelengths onto or from a singlemode fibre optic cable using an ST connector. Each unit allows up to 4 channels to be combined /separated with a 20 nm wavelength spacing based around the ITU G.694.2 grid specifications. Available in 4 versions depending on which wavelength are required, the BN-4 adds CWDM capability to other Blue Nano products, and is compatible with BC-4 and BC-8 rack based CWDM Multiplexers.


Company Overview:

Bluebell Opticom designs and manufactures high-quality signal transport solutions for the broadcast, satellite, telecommunications, and professional AV industries. Its products are used for the critical delivery of video, audio, and data services at live, world-class sporting events and venues requiring the transport of high-bandwidth signals over long distances. Applications range from robust stand-alone links to complex, fixed installations over fibre backbones. With products in use worldwide, Bluebell Opticom counts many of the top blue-chip companies and networks among its clients. The company serves customers directly and through a select global network of partners and distributors. More information is available at www.bluebell.tv


Bluebell Opticom Ltd.

Unit 2, The Quadrant

Howarth Road


Berkshire, SL6 1AP



Company Contact:

Anil Parmar

Sales & Marketing Director

Tel: +44 (0) 1628 510055

Email: anil@bluebell.tv

Website: www.bluebell.tv



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