Hothead Silhouette


  • 4K UHD robotic head system
  • Provides power and control to the camera head
  • Enables fibre connectivity for the RCP
  • 4 x 3G-SDI transmitted to the base unit
  • Capable of accepting up to four 4K camera feeds
  • Uses standard SMPTE Hybrid cables


Hothead Silhouette

4K Camera System


4K Camera System This is a fully integrated 4K UHD Robotic Head System that works with SD-SDI, HDSDI, 3G-SDI and 4K UHD cameras. It provides power and control to the camera head and fibre optic connectivity for the RCP. The Base Unit provides system power to the Remote Units (Silhouette) which in turn provide DC power for the Camera Head. Bi-directional control data is passed between the Base and the Silhouette. Four 3G-SDI Video channels are transmitted from each of the Remote Units to the Base Unit and into the BC160-1RU. Up to four 4K UHD heads can be handled with this system. The Fibre Optic link is on a Standard SMPTE Hybrid cable terminated with either Neutrik Opticalcon Dual or LEMO 3K93C connectors. All very standard interconnect in a broadcast environment. This gives incredible flexibility for robotic head operators, in that it is a completely selfcontained, self-powering, expandable system with no stage power requirements.

Schematic Diagram


Video Transport 4 x SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI or 4K UHD
Data Transport 2 x RS232, 2 x RS422/485, 2 x BiDi GPI/O
Audio Transport 2 Channels Talkback (RTS/Clearcom Compliant) – Optional
System Power 48V DC 65W Per Channel (Up to 4 Channels Optional)
Camera Power 12-16V DC 60W Per Channel (2 Channels per Remote End)
Please contact us for system configuration and Pricing.

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Hothead Silhouette 4K UHD Robotic Head System

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