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Bluebell Taps MNC Software to Develop Mosaic-Based Monitoring and GUI

Berkshire, U.K. — June 23, 2015 — Bluebell Opticom Ltd., provider of innovative fibre optic solutions for fixed and remote applications, today announced it has enlisted MNC Software to create an SMNP monitoring system for its fibre transport products based on MNC’s Mosaic network management software platform. Bluebell will offer the new monitoring system to support its BC363 and BC364 multiformat interface cards, which link cameras and CCUs over long distances — a situation in which a quick visual check would help to confirm signal integrity and diagnose any issues.

“We offer a card that works within our frames to provide monitoring and basic alarms to a network management system, and people can access the information through the Web. But often customers want to get system information in a visual format through a GUI that sits on an operator or engineer’s PC, and they want to be able to drill down for more detail,” said Paul McCann, managing director of Bluebell Opticom. “That’s what this engagement with MNC Software will allow us to offer. Other companies have offered monitoring interfaces with varying degrees of success. So rather than try to create it ourselves, we called upon MNC to put its broadcast-network monitoring and control expertise to work. They’re focused on satellite and network operators and we’re confident it will be done right.”

The new SNMP system will monitor Bluebell cards and frames and deliver trap alarms and other information to a network management system. All monitoring data will appear as images in a Mosaic-based dashboard GUI. When an alarm comes in, operators can drill down to the proper display — perhaps a schematic with green lines for a valid signal and red lines otherwise — to call up the detailed frame and card status and dig deeper in order to troubleshoot.

The MNC-designed system will be an alternative to Bluebell’s existing BM102 card, which fits in the Bluebell frame and provides monitoring and basic alarms. The new monitoring system is under development, and Bluebell expects to begin offering it as an option in Q4. Other cards supporting the MNC functionality will be developed on a rolling basis.

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