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Bluebell Opticom Introduces ShaxX Lite, a Lightweight Version of Its SMPTE Hybrid Cable Alternative for Power Insertion in Remote Broadcasting

BERKSHIRE, U.K. — April 9, 2015 — Bluebell Opticom Ltd., provider of innovative fibre optic solutions for fixed and remote applications, today announced ShaxX Lite, a smaller, lighter version of the ShaxX system for providing full bidirectional signalling and power for broadcast cameras fitted with standard SMPTE 304M hybrid connectors. ShaxX Lite offers outside broadcast and remote production crews the same power insertion alternatives and distance benefits as the full-sized ShaxX system, but at half the weight.

Like its namesake sibling, ShaxX Lite allows crews to forgo SMPTE hybrid cables and take advantage of preinstalled fibre networks on location in order to cut rigging time and position cameras freely wherever they are needed, regardless of distance or the location of mains power sources.

“Our ShaxX system is a real problem-solver because it lets crews use existing fibre to extend their distance from the CCU. With a ShaxX unit on the remote end, crews can put the cameras virtually anywhere. But some camera operators prefer a lightweight unit, particularly on events that require that the camera be repositioned,” said Paul McCann, Bluebell Opticom managing director. “ShaxX Lite is the answer. It has all the benefits and capabilities of ShaxX in a much more manageable package.”

ShaxX Lite works with Bluebell’s Shax hybrid alternative interface to provide power and bi-directional signalling to the camera, thereby removing the expense and effort of rigging SMPTE hybrid cables. Instead, users simply connect the ShaxX Lite unit to the camera with a SMPTE hybrid jumper cable. The ShaxX Lite unit, which is connected to mains power on the camera end, powers the camera. At the same time, the ShaxX Lite is also connected to two strands of single-mode fibre in order to carry signals from the camera to the CCU and vice versa. The ShaxX Lite unit on the CCU end receives those fibres and is then connected to the CCU via a SMPTE hybrid jumper cable. Crews can place two units side by side inside the truck in just two rack units of space. When used in combination with Bluebell’s BC series modular fibre interface cards, the ShaxX Lite can multiplex multiple camera links over a single fibre.

The ShaxX Lite supports HD camera systems from Sony, Ikegami, and now, Hitachi.

The ShaxX Lite is available now and will be on display at the 2015 NAB Show in booth N4422. Further information about Bluebell and the company’s products is available at

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