Silhouette Range

The Bluebell Silhouette range of enclosures allows bespoke solutions to be  housed in one of three body styles depending on the number of electrical, optical and power input/outputs required. The basis of Silhouette is to facilitate a custom design in a compact weatherproof enclosure whether it be for a camera-back adaptor or a unit housed in a rugged flight case.
One application for these units is for robotic camera heads that provide power and control to the remote end. We have a number of options available for this application as camera heads have differing control data and genlock requirements.

We have options for different power ratings and up to three different power sources. This gives the user a robust, resilient system that can be controlled kilometres away from the action making ingest a less painful experience. We build these with either SMPTE 311 Hybrid cable or Neutrik Hybrid Opticalconn cable. These can deliver up to 75watts to the camera end.There are options for control data are RS323, RS 422/485, GigE and tally. We can provide RTS or Clearcom talkback extensions, line-level analogue audio channels, genlock, tri-level sync and even jumbo packetised Ethernet transport. All this is in a very small weatherproof enclosure that is rugged and robust and carries the Bluebell standard of reliability and quality.

Hothead Silhouette example.

Please contact the sales office to design your Silhouette solution.