Bluebell Opticom at IBC2017

Rack-Mountable One-Cable 12G-SDI Connectivity for 4K Broadcast Applications.

Bluebell Opticom has created a suite of Fibre Optic transport products that provides a single coax or fibre connection to a 12-Gbps SDI video interface for 4K/UHD applications.

On display at IBC2017, will be the newly upgraded BN390 unit, which combines four 3G-SDI signals onto one 12G-SDI signal via single-mode fibre output. Now with auto-sensing technology, the BN390automatically detects the format of the incoming signal and configures itself to transport the signal accordingly.

The unit now covers all bit rates, frame rates, and formats of 3G-SDI, 6G-SDI, and 12G-SDI. Intended for 4K UHD transport, the unit also supports multiple SD/HD/3G-SDI transport in metropolitan networks. Available CWDM optics enable four discrete channels to be carried on one wavelength. Therefor making it possible for 64 channels to travel on a single fibre strand over distances of 60 kilometres.


Bluebell BN365

Also on display will be the BN365, a stand-alone 12G Fibre transport module upgraded so it achieves better performance; cleaner, crisper pictures; and longer distances. Additionally, Like its BN390 cousin, the BN365 is available with CWDM optics.

BC370 High-Density Optical Converter


Bluebell BC370

New at IBC2017 is Bluebell Opticom’s BC370. An optical converter that enables four discrete channels of 3G-SDI on a single card, eliminating the issue of fibre count. With four 3G-SDI inputs and four optical outputs, the BC370 represents the highest density of signals Bluebell has offered to date — 60 channels in a 3-RU space or 24 channels in 1 RU.


Bluebell BC370 Edgware Throw-Down IP Gateway

Making its European debut is Edgware, Bluebell Opticom’s new throw-down IP-gateway product which wraps a 3G-SDI picture into an IP-compliant format and sits on a 10G Ethernet network. Edgware serves as a bridge between current 3G-SDI-based broadcast infrastructures and those built on IP technology, making it possible to use BNC and XLR technology to transport broadcast signals over IP networks. Minimal configuration and low latency make it an ideal ingest product.

BCX-760 Series 10G Ethernet Point-to-Point Fibre Link


Bluebell BCX-760 Series

At IBC2017, Bluebell Opticom will show the BCX-760Series 10G Ethernet point-to-point fibre link. The BCX-760 is a camera-back interface. Which allows easy connection and signal transport between a camera and an outside broadcast truck or a base station.

In a first for the industry, BCX-760 interfaces map all signals presented at the back of any broadcast camera onto a 10G Ethernet point-to-point link, ensuring safe, robust, interference-immune, as well as high-quality transport over much longer distances than have been possible before.

IBC2017 visitors will see new features and powering options as well as audio, Ethernet, and control-data enhancements that make the BCX-760 exceptionally feature-rich for the price.

Hothead Silhouette Power-Insertion for Robotic Cameras


Bluebell Hothead Silhouette

Additionally at IBC2017, Bluebell will demonstrate the Hothead Silhouette, its latest power-insertion product meant for robotic cameras in remote-production scenarios. A fully integrated 4K UHD robotic head system that works with SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, and 4K UHD cameras. Hothead Silhouette provides power and control to the camera head and Fibre Optic connectivity for the remote control panel. As a result, operators no longer need to rely on stadium power. They can roll in a self-powered, self-contained system. Which avoids the noisy earths, hum, and picture distortion that can arise from being connected to the venue.

Upgrades to the Network Monitoring System

Finally visitors to Bluebell Opticom’s stand at IBC2017 will get a look at our newly upgraded network monitoring system. With more options, user-configurable settings, and an improved interface therefore makes the system an even more powerful management tool.

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