OB Pioneer Telegenic Bolsters 4K Coverage of UEFA Finals With Bluebell Throw-Down SDI Links

BERKSHIRE, U.K.  12 July 2016 — Bluebell Opticom Ltd., provider of innovative fibre optic solutions for fixed and remote applications, today announced that pioneering outside broadcast company Telegenic have installed multiple sets of Bluebell field-deployable SDI interfaces

to transmit high-quality, high-bandwidth signals over fibre. The Bluebell units recently drove 4K signal transport during Telegenic’s coverage of the 2016 UEFA Europa League and Champions League finals.

“We have long used Bluebell’s rugged, field-proven fibre links on a host of high-end productions and regular events,” said Sean Mulhern, director of engineering at Telegenic. “Not only do they provide the quality and reliability that’s so critical to our operation, but they are competitively priced, and Bluebell always delivers promptly, no matter what our delivery requirements. In fact, with one recent order, Bluebell delivered five sets of links to our facility the same afternoon we placed the order! You can’t beat that level of service.”

To bolster its coverage of the football finals, Telegenic installed four sets of Bluebell Quad 3G-SDI fibre interfaces and eight sets of BC323 converters.

Ideal for transporting 4K signals, the Quad 3G four-channel multiplexers/demultiplexers take in 3G-SDI signals from up to four cameras, convert them to optical signals, and transmit them over standard SMPTE hybrid cable. Each signal within a fibre core has a different optical wavelength, enabling interference-free transmission over longer distances.

Meanwhile, the BC323 units convert two independent 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, or ASI signals onto fibre. They then receive, auto-sense, equalize, and reclock each optical signal prior to converting it back into an electrical signal.

“Telegenic have been a regular and valued customer for many years, and in that time we have enjoyed a very collaborative relationship,” said Paul McCann, managing director, Bluebell Opticom. “They have always been keen to offer technical advice, equipment loans, and any other assistance that will help us ensure Bluebell technology works with the latest cameras and techniques. We greatly appreciate Telegenic’s support in shaping the development of Bluebell products.”

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