IBC2019 Product Preview

At this year’s IBC we will be showcasing our latest solutions for IP, 12G and HDMI 2.0 as well as our new BC100i and BC160i modular card enclosures with integrated monitoring display.
We will also be showing new bespoke solutions based on our Silhouette range of enclosures. These products utilise our award-winning signal conversion technology and are packaged in a robust weatherproof compact field-deployable enclosure.


New – BB450-IP SMPTE IP 3G-SDI + 8Ch Audio Edgware Product

The BB450-IP is the logical next step in the IP world of broadcast. Eight analogue audio channels along with one 3G-SDI video signal are encapsulated in either SMPTE 2022-6/7 or SMPTE 2110 and presented on a 10G Ethernet fibre network. Unicast or multicast for maximum performance. This unit is controlled either by the front panel touchscreen or via the in-band GUI hosted on any PC on the network. Compatible with Ember+ control systems, in SMPTE 2110 mode the BC450-IP can also be used and a Dante edge device. This is a very versatile compact unit that can be placed many miles away from the network switch over a single mode fibre connection.


New — Silhouette 1040

The Bluebell Silhouette range of enclosures allows bespoke solutions to be housed in one of three body styles depending on the number of electrical, optical and power input/outputs required. The basis of Silhouette is to facilitate a custom design in a compact weatherproof enclosure whether it be for a camera-back adaptor or a unit housed in a rugged flight case. New at IBC 2019 is the Silhouette 1040 which is a camera-back mounted solution for injecting PoE+ and converting SDI video and dual ethernet to fibre. the optical signal is presented on a Neutrik OpticalConn DUO connector.


New – BN-VH20 4K HDR HDMI extender

The BN-VH20 4K HDR HDMI extender sends your HDMI signal in Ultra-HD 4K2K@60/50 format over an optical link up to 10km using single mode fibre optic cable. Users can easily extend Ultra-HD signals from a variety of sources to distant display monitors.


New — BC160i Intelligent 1RU Rack Frame

Bluebell will demonstrate the new intelligent 1RU rack frame which features a touchscreen display that mimics the SNMP network monitoring system. Complete with a drill down intuitive menu, the rack screen reports full card parameters and performance with signal type and strength indication with immediate notification of any alarms. The frame houses six BC series cards in addition to a network monitoring card. This makes for a seriously dense, (48 I/O’s), high-tech point of presence in any broadcast application. Building on the reputation of its predecessor the BC160, with more than 8000 loaded racks deployed worldwide, this is the next generation of a highly successful implementation.


New — BC100i Intelligent 3RU Rack Frame

As with its smaller stablemate the BC100i rack frame shares the same intelligence. A large 7” touchscreen display with a drill down intuitive menu structure, this 3RU frame packs in more tech and information than ever before. Each of the 120 I/O’s can be reported on individually if required. Signal format, signal bitrate, input signal strength and optical transmission power are all available easily in just a few clicks. There is also a power meter function on each of the optical inputs in the form of a very recognisable red/orange/green stack VU meter. The next generation of our highly successful 3RU rack frame has arrived! Still with dual redundant hot-swappable front-loading power supplies and open architecture, SNMP network monitoring card, this popular rack is as robust and reliable as ever.


New — TDM700-4K-x1000 Robotic Camera Pedestal Adaptor

New at IBC 2019 is our Robotic Camera Head Fibre Optic Pedestal Adaptor. Made to look like the camera it supports, the clean lines blend in with the surroundings. We already have well established systems for the Panasonic AW-HExxx series. The new launch is our adaptor of the Sony BRC-x1000 4K UHD camera head. Featuring Dual 3G-SDI 4K video transport Genlock and PoE+ insertion this unit, it’s a very simple upgrade for these very popular cameras. This is a very sturdy aluminium reinforced ABS construction designed for field use.


New — BC369 Super High-Density 12G-SDI I/O Card

New at IBC 2019 will be Bluebell’s BC369, a super high-density converter card that enables 12G UHD 4K HDR optical conversion with no less than eight I/Os on board. When the BC369 is deployed in Bluebell’s standard 3-RU rack frame, users can achieve 120 ports of 12G-SDI in the space of three rack units for extra-dense, reliable broadcast transport. The same card in Bluebell’s 1-RU frame yields 48 ports of 12G-SDI.


If your role involves system design and signal transport, a visit to the Bluebell stand at IBC is a must. Click here to arrange a meeting at the show.

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