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Bluebell Opticom Introduces Caddie-LB 4K for Connecting Latest 4K Cameras to CCUs With Single Fibre Cable

BERKSHIRE, U.K. — April 1, 2015 — Bluebell Opticom Ltd., provider of innovative fibre optic solutions for fixed and remote applications, today announced the Caddie-LB 4K, a pair of throw-down boxes that connects the latest 4K cameras to camera control units (CCU) over long distances using fibre. The Caddie-LB 4K saves rigging time and reduces complexity for remote camera crews working from an outside broadcast (OB) truck or a live-event venue such as a concert hall, and allows the crews to position the camera farther from the CCU and remote panel.

Specifically designed for OB and deployable applications, the Caddie-LB 4K provides a single-cable link between cameras and ENG/OB units. Features include four 3G/HD/SD-SDI video paths from the camera’s on-air audio, intercom, and control data. Based on field-proven technology, the units offer the operator a range of signals for camera control and synchronisation, including program video, audio, communications, data, and genlock. All signals are multiplexed onto two fibres to ensure easy and quick system rigging. The position of the camera is limited only by the availability of power and the length of the fibre cable within a given infrastructure.

The typical setup uses a pair of portable Caddie-LB 4K enclosures — one for use near the camera and the other for use near the CCU as a “base” unit that offers corresponding signals to the CCU. Customers who want to install the base unit permanently inside an OB truck can deploy its equivalent using Bluebell BC Series cards mounted in a 19-inch frame.

“Bluebell makes a point to track the implementation of 4K technology so that our product features reflect and complement the latest cameras,” said Paul McCann, Bluebell Opticom managing director. “With Caddie-LB 4K, we’re building on the success of our 4K solutions for point-to-point video applications. Now we can offer a complete transport system for all video and ancillary signals — including communications, control, Ethernet, and genlock — that are associated with and essential for successful deployment of the latest high-end cameras.”

Caddie-LB 4K units have already been successfully deployed at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, and at prestigious concert venues for high-profile UHD tests.

The Caddie-LB 4K is available now and comes preconfigured with a customer’s chosen interfaces. Bluebell will demonstrate the device at the 2015 NAB Show in booth N4422. Further information about Bluebell and the company’s products is available at

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